Eat Fish Week: Pasta With Fish

I will be on an island all week, and a bad conscience has been nagging all the time. Have so much stuff to blog about but so little time. So here you are: my folders give enough material for a whole fish week. You won’t find exact recipes for anything, just an idea of what I threw together. It is meant to inspire you. And if I find a begging comment about some real recipe when I come back, I might think about it!

Pasta, alici, arancio

Here are two fishy pasta favorites, that I offer my fish and pasta-loving husband again and again. The first one (above) is the recreation of a pasta dish we had years ago in Alessandria up north, of all places. We were so intrigued by the combination of anchovies, (blood-) orange segments and mint that I had to tinker at home to find the right combination. My advice: Let the fishmonger butterfly the anchovies for you, it can be done at home but takes such a long time (and not everybody is willing to do this bloody job!).

pasta melanzane spada

Another favorite pasta combination, this one we picked up in Sicily: Eggplants, swordfish (in times of dire I have made this dish with almost any readily available fish-fillet and it works always!) and, yes, mint again. Try this!

2 Responses

  1. What a great idea to have a whole week of fish recipe ideas – your pasta looks fabulous! We’re having a Salmon Recipe Contest and awarding the winner with 15 lbs. of wild salmon! If you have a great recipe, check out the contest at The deadline to enter recipes is this Friday, June 20. And if you have family and friends that would be interested, please help me spread the word!

  2. Fish is expensive in Austria so I don’t buy a lot of it but I miss it! I think I’ve had fish twice in 6 months here… but your pictures really make me crave it :-)

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