Eat Fish Week: Cuttlefish

I will be on an island all week, and a bad conscience has been nagging all the time. Have so much stuff to blog about but so little time. So here you are: my folders give enough material for a whole fish week. You won’t find exact recipes for anything, just an idea of what I threw together. It is meant to inspire you. And if I find a begging comment about some real recipe when I come back, I might think about it!


Ok, you are right, this one here, the cuttlefish, or seppia, is not necessarily a lot more nicer looking than yesterday’s dragonfish, but it does taste as fine, especially when filled – second day, second filled fish – is this going to be a theme? Well, technically, this is not a fish!

Chop the heads off and a) deep-fry and eat separately (sorry, no picture, gone too quick!) b) put them on a skewer, grill and serve with chopped mint, olive oil and balsamic vinegar (no picture again, no good light that time) c) fry them with bulbs of young garlic (in season) and use to fill up the main body parts!

the heads with some young garlic bulbs

This is one of my versions, layer 1:

Seppia_layer with vegetables

Basically, just get whatever vegetables are in season, add some stock or white wine or even water and put it in the oven.

Layer 2:

seppia_even more vegetables

By the way, learn from my mistakes: leave the artichokes out. They don’t work in this combo.

Here is another version:


Shallots fit perfectly into the cavities of the seppia. And then go on with other vegetables:

seppia_other vegetables

Believe me, almost any combo goes. Take what vegetables your farmers market offers, whatever is in season, puts some herbs and some liquid and then into the oven with it. That was it!

3 Responses

  1. looks great! What wine would you have with it?

  2. […] also buy fish at the market, about once a week. We are not vegetarians (see 6 & 7), but a substantial piece […]

  3. I like your blog friend. I blog about food too.

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