Eat Fish Week: Anchovies

I will be on an island all week, and a bad conscience has been nagging all the time. Have so much stuff to blog about but so little time. So here you are: my folders give enough material for a whole fish week. You won’t find exact recipes for anything, just an idea of what I threw together. It is meant to inspire you. And if I find a begging comment about some real recipe when I come back, I might think about it!

anchovies casserole

Yes, I use my oven a lot. I find it very convenient to put something in the oven and then forget about it for some time. This “casserole” here consists of some butterflied anchovies (you could use sardines, too) on a bed of asparagus (hurry up, this is the last week to enjoy asparagus!) and adorned by some cherry-tomatoes on the vine. About butterflying small fish: as said yesterday, let the fish monger do it!

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