Eat Fish Week: Dragonfish

I will be on an island all week, and a bad conscience has been nagging all the time. Have so much stuff to blog about but so little time. So here you are: my folders give enough material for a whole fish week. You won’t find exact recipes for anything, just an idea of what I threw together. It is meant to inspire you. And if I find a begging comment about some real recipe when I come back, I might think about it!


One of our favorite fishes, this ugly baby has firm flesh with a nutty flavor, which we find best treated as little as possible. A hot oven and 30 minutes later, you will have heaven on your plate.

Are you ready for the ugliness?

dragonfish, filled and betted

Are you sure? ok:

ugly fish

I told you!

Filled with chopped parsley, sprinkled with salt and pepper, little bit of olive oil, bedded on orange slices. That’s it!

ugly or beautiful?

See you tomorrow!

see you!

4 Responses

  1. […] right, this one here, the cuttlefish, or seppia, is not necessarily a lot more nicer looking than yesterday’s dragonfish, but it does taste as fine, especially when filled – second day, second filled fish – is this going […]

  2. Really ugly fish but I bet it was tasting very good :)

  3. The pictures make it look good. I don’t know where I would find this fish where I live.

  4. Coffee and Vanilla, maleesha,
    thank you for your comments. It really tastes unlike all other fishes, do try it when you have a chance.

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