The Unbreakable: Cherry & Everything Upside-Down Cake

cherries are in season

I am not a baker. All the intuition and adventurous spirit I have when I cook is totally gone when I bake. I am not familiar and do not understand exactly what happens when I bake. I read and try to understand the chemistry behind it (and theoretically I do), but when it comes to put theory into practice I fail. So I bake rarely and on these rare occasions I stick to the recipe to a t – which impresses my T. a lot, because that is a very rare thing!

There have been some baking endeavors in the past months in the food vagabond kitchen, and one I even tinkered with without failing, so I got courageous. I read Deb’s account of how she tried to ruin the cherry cornmeal upside-down cake from Bon Appetit and still couldn’t, so I decided to try this. I loved the cherry-balsamico-cornmeal combination and was sure I could “improve” the cake.

And improve I did.

Doesn’t it look like a bejeweled crown? And it tastes so moist, with the just-right sweetness, and the mouth-feel is great, too, although I did do something wrong (the egg whites had a teeny dot of yolk drop and refused to be whipped solid as I knew they would, inspite of the old trick – pinch of salt – so I added them to the batter not stiffened, knowing it wouldn’t work, but it did!). Other than this “mistake” I did only one alteration to the original recipe: I added some other delicious stuff to the cherries. I had some dried fruits and shelled, unsalted pistachios from my trip to Istanbul (yes, I will write about it shortly!) and these, after a short bath in some marsala (any sweet wine would do) went into the pan along with the cherries. What a delight they were!

So go out, buy some cherries (they are in season!) and bake this cake. I baked mine on Saturday and by Monday evening it was gone! The two of us had no problems eating this cake for coffee and for dessert for two days.

sliced cherry-everything upside-down cornmeal cake


2 Responses

  1. Oh Hande – gorgeous!! I am on an upside-down binge at the moment, having made both a pear and cranberry upside down cake (incredible) and individual dried apricot upside down cakes this year. I am definitely going to try a version of this!

  2. Jeanne,
    yes, aren’t upside down cakes versatile? I love them, too. Pear and cranberry I have to make when the time comes!

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