Spring on My Windowsill: Sage

sage on my windowsill

I love our apartment in Rome. It is in an old palazzo from 1886. I love everything about it. There is just one aspect which I miss, which would make out of this lovely apartment a perfect apartment: A balcony or terrace. So on my kitchen windowsill I have put some planters and have some herbs in there, it is great to have them, not only because of the quick and fresh herbs I can use anytime, but also because they just look great. This lively green in the silver-aluminum planters.

Now they are even more beautiful to look at, because, starting with the sage, they are in flower! As much as I love the looks, I wonder, is the life of a windowsill herb over when it blooms? Will the herbs taste the same afterwards? I have sage, rosemary, thyme and, no, not parsley (this is Rome, not Scarborough Fair!) but basil. I lived in Liguria and know first hand that “wild” rosemary bushes are perfectly ok after flowering but that when basil blooms, the leaves turn too hard and bitter. Do you have any experience to share with me?

In the meantime, the next couple of days I will be in Istanbul, gathering great recipes and hopefully some nice pictures, and eating some real simit, so get ready, when I return, there will be some cooking!