Chocolate-Orange Marmalade or Use Everything Twice

Chocolate-Orange Marmalade

After weeks of studying for an important exam and being sick, yesterday I finally made the candied orange peel strips I had seen over at Jen’s lovely blog use real butter (which I can recommend without hesitation; the blog as well as the statement). After simmering the strips for 40 minutes to “translucent” stage and lining them up on the rack, I was left with a big problem which Jen hadn’t mentioned: Around 600 ml of syrup full of orange flavor.

I don’t know if I wasn’t supposed to have this much leftover syrup, or if Jen considered it just too un-noteworthy, but I was smashed: The syrup tasted so orange-y, with such great bitter aromas, just a tad too sweet, I just couldn’t throw it away. Standing in front of the stove, looking at the pot with the remnants of the orange peel, I had an idea: I was going to dip the candied orange strips in chocolate after they had dried, I loved the combination, so why not add chocolate to the orange-syrup as well ?

Candied Orange Peel Strips

Well, I tell you (and T. can confirm), it was one of the best ideas I had lately. The final concoction, a perfect balance of orange and chocolate, bitter and sweet, is to die for. You can smear it on a slice of good white bread, you can fill little tartlets with it or just spoon it out of the jar as is. There is nothing in there that could spoil but I popped my jars into the fridge just to be on the safe side. I don’t expect them to go through a long test-period, though!

Chocolate-Orange Marmalade
own creation
makes about 4 cups

prep: 10 mins

leftover orange syrup from candied orange peel strips, ca. 600 ml
chocolate, 80% or more cacao, 250g

While the orange syrup is still warm, add the chocolate, broken into small pieces. Stir thoroughly, until the chocolate is completely melted and incorporated with the syrup. Fill into little jars and keep in the refrigerator. Use as a bread spread or filling for tartlets, crepes, etc.

Note: Use very high percent bitter chocolate even though you may not like it on its own. Since the syrup is very sugary, the bitterness from the chocolate/cacao is most welcome in this combination.