Italians Do It With Style

Cornetto alla crema

As I sit in the sun in front of my favorite café in the middle of Rome, sipping my cappuccino (very Italian) and reading the newspaper (very un-Italian), I hear the beggar who is standing in front of the door and holding out his hat. “Just 70 cents”, he is murmuring at everyone who is leaving, “please, just 70 cents”. Not just “some coins” or “1 Euro”, as one might expect. Why is he asking for exactly 70 cents, I wonder. The answer comes with the next bout: “I am hungry, didn’t have any breakfast yet, just want to buy a cornetto.”

70 cents can buy you 3 substantial sandwich rolls, with which you can get full for a whole day. Or one croissant, gone in a minute, but flaky, creamy and delicious.

Italians do everything with style.