Eat Fish Week: Tuna Steak

I will be on an island all week, and a bad conscience has been nagging all the time. Have so much stuff to blog about but so little time. So here you are: my folders give enough material for a whole fish week. You won’t find exact recipes for anything, just an idea of what I threw together. It is meant to inspire you. And if I find a begging comment about some real recipe when I come back, I might think about it!

Tuna Steak with Vegetables

This is the only way tuna should be eaten, except for raw: cooked rare, very rare. I buy thick slices, marinate them if I have the time (here with three-color peppers and soy sauce) and then braise them very quickly in a hot pan. Important point is to get the tuna to room temperature before frying, so that the inner parts won’t be cold. Serve with stir-fired vegetables. Yumm!

One Response

  1. I agree – raw or almost raw is the ONLY way for tuna. Otherwise it ends up grey and dry and disappointing.

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