Celebrating with Spumante: It doesn’t always have to be a Champagne!

spumante and strawberries

What does a food blogger, sommelier and young entrepreneur do when she has been interviewed for the first time? She celebrates like everybody should: Get the best bubbly you can lay your hands on (in my case a metodo classico from Ca’del Bosco), some strawberries so your stomach is not empty and let the party begin!

5 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Many times over!
    (And you look breathtakingly lovely on the picture that goes with the interview.)

  2. Congrats Hande! The food blogosphere has a lot to learn from your expertise. Can’t wait to read more about you. Great photo as always..

  3. You are wonderful … in the picture. I’ve just looked to Susan’s website. Now I study your interview

  4. kaltmamsell,
    thank you and I am blushing.
    you are just too nice.
    that sounds like I am only wonderful in the picture. I knew I shouldn’t have met you in person, you have seen the real Hande and now the magic is gone ;-)

  5. Oh, look at you! Eternally cool indeed :) Congratulations and what a stunning picture of you too! The spumante and strawberries don’t look too bad either ;-)

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