Italians Do It With Style

Cornetto alla crema

As I sit in the sun in front of my favorite café in the middle of Rome, sipping my cappuccino (very Italian) and reading the newspaper (very un-Italian), I hear the beggar who is standing in front of the door and holding out his hat. “Just 70 cents”, he is murmuring at everyone who is leaving, “please, just 70 cents”. Not just “some coins” or “1 Euro”, as one might expect. Why is he asking for exactly 70 cents, I wonder. The answer comes with the next bout: “I am hungry, didn’t have any breakfast yet, just want to buy a cornetto.”

70 cents can buy you 3 substantial sandwich rolls, with which you can get full for a whole day. Or one croissant, gone in a minute, but flaky, creamy and delicious.

Italians do everything with style.

11 Responses

  1. Schön, auch hier wieder etwas von dir zu lesen :-) Deine Wein-Einführung bei den Küchengöttern finde ich übrigens sehr nett gemacht !

  2. OMG! This picture is awesome! We want to go back to Rome so baaadly ! The Italians definitely have their stuff together, especially only charging 70 cents for 3 bits of heaven. The quality is phenomenal . Thanks for the reminder of how awesome Italy is.

  3. hande!!!!!! have u received my last mail wit my phone number????
    strange people italians. isn’t it? :)

  4. Rome it is!

  5. Hi,
    italians are strange, romans are better.
    I live in Rome for almost 5 years now. I come from north-east of Italy, but when I saw Rome from Gianicolo I decided to live here.
    70 cents? I have no idea why just 70 cents. But it could be succesfull marketing strategy.
    Great blog. I’ve discovered it thanks to Delicious Days who suggested you for my love with german cuisine.
    If you want to do a culinary-exchange german-italian I’m here ready to welcome you at the best of my possibilities. Welcome in Rome

  6. Whoa. Clearly I need to get to Italy RIGHT NOW!

  7. Ah, Rome! I’ve never been there, but want to go. So, what do Italians do instead of reading the newspaper?

    As an American transplant, I think most Europeans “do it with style”. Especially in the food & drink & relaxation areas!

  8. Hi Jenna!
    The Italians talk if they are not alone and “people watch” if they are. Which I love, as well!

  9. I find a cafe is great for many things – meeting friends, relaxing alone, reading, doing computer work in the sun w/ a cappuccino – I have even studied at cafes for years! But I think in Europe it is strange to bring a notebook computer to a cafe, maybe not a part of the culture?

    I went to Italy once (to Arco) and I remember sitting at the cafes in the morning and night was one of the best things.

  10. Actually, even in Europe, in cafes like Starbucks (i.e. modern-style cafes) in big cities you will see people with laptops, but it is a pretty new thing. I work the whole day in front of a PC-screen, so when I go to a cafe, I want to talk/read/watch. I don’t know why we Europeans just don’t do the working in a cafe. Hmmm….*scratches head*

  11. […] only real milk is acceptable and no sweetened condensed milk. That got me thinking. Then I moved to Rome and condensed milk turned to be something of an expensive rarity. I started really considering […]

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