Sometimes I See Red…

Rosé from Stuttgart

*< start rant >*

… like when I am served wine in such glasses, unasked. Filled to the brim (I took the picture after I drank a few sips), no place for the aromas. And it was a nice wine, too, nothing where there are no aromas to develop.

… like when I go to the Häagen-Dazs shop and ask about the nutritional value of their ice creams, and the two girls behind the counter don’t even understand what I am talking about (we spoke the same language – or maybe not!), and the manager who is called upon gives the insightful answer: “we have two sorbets, they are made of fruit, so they don’t have any calories; all other flavors are made with cream and have calories”. Yes, these were his exact words. I found the information I was looking for later on the site.

… like when a German women’s bi-weekly magazine (Brigitte) copies Thomas Keller’s ratatouille recipe for the movie almost word by word and has the guts to declare “this recipe has been created by Brigitte”…

… and then the only change they did make to the original is using canned peppers and tomatoes instead of fresh, which shows they haven’t even understood the spirit of the movie they are talking about!

… like when I order a “caffè macchiato” after lunch in an Italian trattoria in Germany, 99% of the time I get a latte macchiato.

… like when a food blogger writes about a dish, preferably something Mediterranean, the way he/she knows it; and the commenters start going “oh, that dish is not from the country declared by the blogger*, it is from this other country* (* = substitute as you like)”. Notice, I do make a difference between “oh, we also have it here” or “I ate it also there” and the above form. When will people understand that culinary traditions have not evolved in a vacuum and the Turks, the Greeks, the Lebanese, the Italian etc. all gave and took from one another and added their flair and changed the dishes over time?

*< end rant >*


4 Responses

  1. But are you sure YOU REALLY WANT to know the calories of Häagen-Dazs?? I sure don’t, or how could I eat it without feeling the guiltiest person on Hearth? Here in Italy we only have Häagen-Dazs on supermarket, and they DO HAVE calories on the packaging……that’s why I almost never buy it ;) SOB SOB

  2. Regarding Häagen Dazs ice-creams, why would you like to know their nutritional value? It’s bound to be more than any other ice cream as they have less air in them. I check ingredients, but hardly ever calories.
    As for Mediterranean connections, it’s not only dishes that have travelled, it must be the people too: I’ve just been to Athens and absolutely everyone talked to me in Greek…

  3. Antaress, Véronique,
    yes, AFTER I saw how many calories and how much fat hide in one scoop of macadamia brittle, I wished I hadn’t known, too. I wish I could allow myself not to care about calories, either, but that is not the case (right now – still haven’t reached target). But, tell me, Véronique, have you talked to your parents about this Athens-story? ;-P

  4. at least they don’t offer you cappucino with whipped cream (out of a can sometimes) anymore….

    im uebrigen bin ich der meinung, das cathargo zerstoert werden muss und in guten kaffee keine eklige milch gehoert!

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