All Roads Lead to Rome » Cornetto alla crema

The perfect Croissant


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  1. […] basically, I am able to enjoy this place at all times of the day. For breakfast, their cornetti alla crema are just like the ones I get from my favorite cafe’ bars in Southern Italy and instant nirvana […]

  2. THANK YOU!!
    I was feeling homesick for the delicious cornetti upon returning from my fourth trip to Italy. I googled cornetto NY and found your post which led me to Taralucci. Having breakfast there is now a weekly ritual for me… I go severely out of my way in my commute just for the experience.

  3. I’m delighted to hear that!!
    I know exactly what you mean. Tarallucci e Vino is a neighborhood blessing.

  4. Those are dilicious! but pleeease, would you know of a good recipe I can make at home for these? they are a perfect reminder to me of how much I love waking up in italy to the smell of these :)))

  5. Hi Anna,

    here is a perfect recipe for croissants/cornetti:
    and this is my favorite pastry cream recipe:

  6. Hi .. I have just returned from Italy to stay with my cousin .. and had one of these for the first time .. it was delicious..!

  7. Anne, it is, isn’t it!

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