All Roads Lead to Rome


Sono Pazzi Questi Romani“, these Romans are crazy*; but still, we are going to Rome. Not on a holiday; we are going to Rome, we are moving to Rome, we want to live in Rome! For us, all roads all these years have led to Rome; the year in Liguria was a warm up, all the trips throughout Italy, all the food, all the wine, the training to be a sommelière; don’t you think all these roads lead to Rome? But still, everyone asks us, why Rome?


Can it be the perfect gelato?


Or the perfect cappuccino…

Cornetto alla crema

… with the perfect cornetto alla crema?

Zucchini Blossoms

Is it the perfect fresh produce in the markets…


… that still bear surprises and secrets for us?


Do we love the food in the trattorie…

Fish market

… or the chance to replicate it ourselves?



Roman Wine

Can it be the wine?

Prosciutto di Norcia

Is it the Romans…


… is it the cats…


… or these “only in Rome” moments?

So many reasons, don’t you think? So, when we go to Rome at the end of this year, will you come with me?

* Although I do love the interpretation of Obelisk, S.P.Q.R. really stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus, “the Senate and the Roman People”.



11 Responses

  1. just in a minute i realized your stay in rome has gone…
    willl be my pleasure to meet you next time, cause i live in rome….discovering toghether trattorie

  2. das gelato hoffentlich bei san crispino! naja, gruende nach rom zu ziehen faende ich auch genug, wuerd’ ich nur die sprache sprechen… mal ehrlich, ich koennte in fast jede zivilisierte (gross)stadt ziehen – gibt doch immer tolles zu entdecken!
    in der neuen stadt und mit der neuen karriere wuenschen wir dir und theo jedenfalls alles gute und wer weiss, vielleicht fuehrt einer der wege auch MICH mal nach rom ;-)

  3. So, you’ll become a roman? That’s great! Welcome ;)

  4. Enza,
    thanks for the offer, I will definitely take you up on that! Yes, we were there in September and we will be in Rome again in November, looking for an apartment etc. And beginning from january, we will be really there!
    leider war es diesmal nicht bei San Crispino, aber trotzdem fast so lecker: Wir waren bei Gelateria dei Gracchi, in der Prati Gegend. War ein Geheim Tipp, was sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt hat. Und ich bin einer Meinung mit Dir, finde auch überall was schönes zum entdecken und könnte fast überall leben. Auf jeden Fall hoffen wir, dass Du (und die Familie) uns in Rom besucht!
    what, I can move to Rome and call myself a Roman instantly? In Munich it takes 3 generations till you can call yourself a native! ;-) One more reason to love Roma; thanks for the welcome!

  5. hande, if you need help u can send me an e-mail and i will be glad to make something for you!

    example…nearby my home there is an apartment for rent but in rome u must choose the area i mean north, south, east…centre…depending on your work place.

  6. Mmmmm, I’d say it’s for those ultra-thin pizzas! And the cats – they were one of my favourite things in Rome! :)

    Best of luck with the move and who knows, maybe one day we can share a meal in Rome!

  7. Hande Merhaba. I was getting ready to drop you a note saying “hadi artik, fasulyeler bayatladi” — well, no need for that now!

    Looking forward to your posts about and from Rome. Good luck with yet another move.


  8. Enza,
    I will get back to you per mail.
    yes, the pizze are surely part of it. We had one this time, too, heaven; but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me. Even the touristy places where we went by had better pizza than the german replicas! I do think we will share a meal (or two) sometime in Rome (now that we missed the chance in Munich)! PS: I am allowing myself the slightest of hopes that maybe Rome will be the place where I may finally have a cat in the house. Psst, don’t tell T.!
    merhaba! How nice to “hear” some turkish. I thought wordpress is still blocked in Turkey. Or are you reading food vagabond from somewhere else? Thanks for the good wishes!

  9. Hande Merhaba. Ben ABD’deyim. :)


  10. can you give me the names of some good out-of-the-way trattorias anywhere along the umbrian-tuscan border? I will be there in June.

  11. k,
    I don’t know how you got the impression, but food vagabond is not a trip advisory site that answers all your questions. There is no content on food vagabond up to now about trattorie around the Tuscan-Umbrian border. I don’t remember you as a regular reader and commenter, whom I could do a favor if he/she asked kindly. You have not even asked kindly. Your questions would be better answered by researching for yourself (googling) and finding blogs/sites that have already written about the area or posting your question on an appropriate forum. I wish you a nice trip.

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