Waiting to Exhale

My Wok

This is my wok. I own it for 8 years now. That is as long as the time I have been living in Munich, with breaks and vagabonding escapes. It has what is called “the breath“. I love it. I love to cook with it.

Right now it is holding its breath. It is waiting to be packed, among thousands of other things that accumulate in a two-person household and an IT business over 8 years. Then it will go to storage for 7 months. Waiting. A lot of other stuff in the house (and kitchen) I am turning upside down right now won’t be that lucky. Them and me, we will part ways.

My wok, it thought it was exotic, here in Munich. But we’ll see its surprise when it wakes up, in January, not on a different continent, but in a different country, where it will be exotic. Maybe I will even misuse it, abuse it for food it never dreamt of, then, but we will have to wait and see.

My wok is waiting. Waiting to exhale.

The recent lack of posts is due to moving and everything related to it. We are giving up our base in Munich. Till the end of the year we will be in Stuttgart and the new year will bring a new country, a big city we are very excited about, and a new business. Posting maybe on-and-off for a couple more weeks, but at the latest with the beginning of June I will float you with posts. There will be recipes (especially with fish!) and vagabond experiences from Madrid, Paris, Rome and Istanbul!


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  1. na, wo geht’s denn hin, wenn man fragen darf?

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