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Just a quick, procrastinating, break from my busy project-work to call your attention to some news on the German speaking TV channels….

The culinary adventures of Sarah Wiener, the self taught chef I actually don’t like that much on the show “Kerner’s Köche”, is her own little show on the French-German culture channel arte and it is worlds apart from what she has been doing till now. Similar to Jamie Oliver in Italy (why can’t German chefs/tv-makers can’t come up with own -clever- formats?), she tours around France, visits local restaurants, eats their specialty and tries to recreate the dishes herself. Including hunting/catching/killing/picking/harvesting necessary animals and other ingredients herself. Two episodes down, it seems to be one of the more interesting food shows on tv right now. Weekdays at 20:15 on arte, till February 2nd. Coming up highlight on Friday: Foie gras, including force-feeding (or not). For an account of the first episode which I could have put my name under, visit Sebastian, who seems to be cooking less and less for lunch but drinking some good wine in the evening. My preferred way of living, anyway!

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations is on German Tv at last! DMAX, the self-acclaimed “first free-tv factual-entertainment channel for men” (available on satellite and -in some places- on cable) features the show weekdays at 5:45 and 11:50 (yes, those are a.m.). Don’t ask me how “no reservations” became “a question of taste”. I also realize that unless you are one of the “we call it work” generation (to which I belong), it is not possible to watch tv on these hours. Now is the time to look into the manual for that DVD-recorder you got for Christmas.

Recipe of the day. Well, kind of. Inspired by Dilek’s onion salad, I made the above delectable noshes which go perfectly well with some cheese. Peel some shallots or any other small onions, put them into boiling water for 2 minutes. You don’t want them to be really cooked, just to loose some “tang”. Transfer to a non-reactive (glass) container, douse and cover with some pomegranate juice or diluted pomegranate molasses. Put in a cool place and forget for at least a week. They turn into little layered balls of tanginess, sourness and sweetness, exploding with flavor.

Shallots in a jar


7 Responses

  1. Wow! How nice, delicious result! Be sure, I will do it as soon as possible:)
    Today I thougt may be I could try the onion salad with good balsamic vinegar instead of plum sirup but your version is very amazing!

  2. Dilek,
    they taste really good, thanks for the inspiration. And do try it out. The only drawback is that you have to wait at least a week for the onions to really soak up and blend with the pomegranate. Not my strongest trait, so I just tried to forget about them! When are you coming back to “a la Dilek”?

  3. So Hande, if waiting is not your strongest trait, you shouldn’t wait until dinner to have a good meal with wine. Try lunch! But your observation about my food habits isn’t totally wrong, Advent & Christmas shook (shaked?) them from noon to eve. I am trying to get back (and lose some weight). Thanks for your favours and the great recipe above. Cant wait to wait for it.

  4. Sebastian,
    actually, I can (and do) drink wine anytime. But the same problem here as you: Trying to lose some weight and therefore cut back on wine for some time.

  5. my mum just told me about frau wiener when she came to visit – isn’t she austrian? the series is supposed to be all the rage, i wish we could get arte here (has always been a favourite channel of mine)…

  6. Johanna,
    yes, she is austrian. The series is over now (there might be reruns, but I am not informed so well) and overall, it was really nice. And arte, it is our favorite!

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