Five O’Clock Tea – EBBP #6

five o’clock tea

five o’clock tea

I am always overjoyed when friends go travelling and bring back a little something from the region. Sometimes it is something you have heard about but never tried before, sometimes it is something you know and love dearly and just can’t live without but unfortunately can’t lay your hands on where you live at the moment and sometimes it is something you had no idea it existed and means a new adventure for you. No need to say that, being my friends and family, the travellers almost always bring me something to eat or drink.

So it seemed to me to be the perfect and logical step forward when I first read about Euro Blogging By Post: A foodie somewhere in a foreign land sends you a care package, full of goodies to eat, drink and enjoy. You send a package to another foodie. You all blog about it and see what more specialties are out there, waiting to be discovered by you. So as Johanna announced that she would be organizing the 6th round, it was already decided that this time I was playing along.

The perfect five o’clock tea T. and I enjoyed this afternoon (a cold and rainy one) was thanks to Lilian over at iFantabulous in Dublin, where I have never been before. She very lovingly put together a package with finest tea, white chocolate – raspberry cookies, two sorts of fudge (which we have sampled right away, as you can see), some local raspberry jam which we will try for breakfast tomorrow, a very interesting lemon and lime sugar which I will dust over some figs tonight (and maybe bake a tarte tatin tomorrow?) and last but not least four different spices/seasonings which are all trying to get my attention to be the first adorning a salad…

EBBP #6 package by Lil

EBBP #6 package from Lil

Thank you so much Lil, my husband and I could both see the thought and love you put into this package and were delighted. And also a big thank you to Johanna, who has organized this round of EBBP, matched the 36 (!) bloggers and sent out countless emails. You can read her round-up and maybe find new food blogs you will like.

11 Responses

  1. wow! what a bounty! almost better than having an afternoon tea at one of london’s fancy hotels! i bet you’ll be munching on this loot for a little while and have good memories of EBBP and Lil for a long time!

  2. English Breakfast Tea – how very British! My preference is Earl Grey, incidentally.

    A very nice looking package, a few biscuits with your afternoon tea never hurt anybody.

  3. i am glad that you enjoy the parcel, and have a good weekend :)

  4. If you make a Tarte Tatin, will you publish the recipe? I would love to have a recipe I can trust…

  5. Rita,
    I haven’t made one today as the wheather was great and we went to the famous stuttgart zoo, the Wilhelma (ehem….). But will make one this week and then post. Thank you for your trust, I am flattered!

  6. Another great parcel – we have all been most generous.

    The next round, I think, will be in late January. Do hope you can join in again.

  7. Andrew,
    that is true. I would have liked to read about your parcel as well, guess will have to wait. Are you organizing the next round?

  8. […] Of course I couldn’t help myself and had to tweak it some. For one thing, I wanted to use the lemon and lime sugar Lil had sent me for EBBP #6. And since my discovery of salted caramels in Paris, I have an insatiable understandable craving for the divine combination of salt and burnt sugar. […]

  9. is true that five oclock tea is realy four o clock, I live in Buenos Aires and I would love an answer, thank you

  10. Barbara,
    interesting question. I do not live in GB either, but let’s see what the official tea site in england says: (scroll down until you see the heading “afternoon tea at 5 o’clock”, in the second half of the page)
    So it is at 5, I would say, although wikipedia also talks about tea as a meal at 3.
    Hope I could help. Enjoy your tea, regardless of the time!

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