Paris: the Food

Plaisirs sucrés - Pierre Hermé

plaisirs sucrés

Because of the abundance of pictures, this post will do with “hidden” text. If you click on the pictures you can see them enlarged and read the corresponding text.


Fallafel Bounty from G.Detou

Bling H2O Côte de boeuf at Chez Denise

More savory food to follow in the next two posts, the highlight and the philosophical discussion…


Berthillon Ice Cream Chocolate fountain at Michel Cluizel Truffels at Micel Cluizel

Macarons at Ladurée Inside Jean-Paul Hévin Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

sweet – Pierre Hermé special

I told you I became obsessed with macarons. But these tastes (and the textures) are unmatched.

Individual Macarons at Pierre Hermé Entremets Quatre Heures

Macarons at Pierre Hermé Macarons at Pierre Hermé 2 Macarons at Pierre Hermé 3

Macarons at Pierre Hermé 4 Macarons at Pierre Hermé 6 Macarons at Pierre Hermé 5

Macarons at Pierre Hermé 7

This is part two in a four-part series.
read part one – Paris: the Pilgrimage
read part three – Paris: the Highlight
read part four – Paris: the Tourist’s Dilemma

6 Responses

  1. […] This is part one in a four-part series. read part two – Paris: the Food read part three – read part four – […]

  2. oooo… i was just in paris two week ago and love absolutely every minute of it… i went shy from taking pics inside pierre herme, and kinda regretted it… maybe i should go back there again… hmm… ;)

  3. Lil,
    whenever we were some food place, I first made my purchase and then asked very kindly if I may take a picture (very small compact camera and no flash!) and was granted the wish everywhere, although they all very precisely stated how many pictures I was allowed….
    Yes, you should have taken pictures, isn’t that a great reason to go back again?

  4. definitely a good reason to go back, although i’ll go back there just about anytime! and i have tried that trick before but the last time when i did, it failed and i’ve been a bit reluctant to do that since… (it was at la maison du chocolat in london)…

  5. […] SchreiberInnen wie Vorspeisenplattes Kaltmamsell, deliciocus:days’ Nicky & Oliver oder Food Vagabond Hande. Und schon vor einem Jahr kam in diesen virtuellen Gesprächen der Gedanke auf, dass man doch mal […]

  6. […] Easter), stay the night in a nice hotel and fly back the next day. Maybe even with a stopover at Pierre Herme! Me, I loved the story of the elderly couple at the next table: They come to the hotel twice every […]

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