Would you care for a cup of coffee?

Edit march 2007: As of 01 March 2007, Herbertz is a no-smoking café, which makes it all the nicer!

PS: Welcome all new readers who have found their way to food vagabond through delicious:days. Please do drink a cup of coffee (or tea) and look around my very young blog. Right now I am overwhelmed by all the traffic, regular posting will resume tomorrow with a recipe for hokkaido pumpkin!

Herbertz coffee machine

the copper monster

I admit that every once in a while I go to that big international franchise cafe downtown, with the comfy armchairs and the coffee of the week. This is mainly because it is the only non-smoking establishment in whole Stuttgart where you can sit, relax and enjoy a coffee. Well, enjoyable coffee is something else, but at least sit and drink something warm without smoke when it is raining cats and dogs outside.

But my heart belongs to Herbertz. Since we moved to our lovely apartment, I have been going there almost everyday, it is just around the corner. And how can you not love it? It is full of loving details; old coffee grinders, antique signs and machines… and the guests are very interesting as well!

Altes Brot

altes Brot

coffee - paper - sugar More coffee grinders Scales Yet some more coffee grinders... Cashregister Stove

At Herbertz they not only have the best cappuccino in town, they also have a snack service. There are around 20 kinds of breads, rolls and buns in display cases which you can take as a base for any kind of sandwich filling you wish. You can devour them there while drinking your coffee and reading the paper or having a chat; or you can take them with you to work. The staff is very friendly and remember what you prefer; the walls function as a local newspaper with posters of upcoming events and classifieds from the neighborhood. A perfect around the corner cafe!

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