A feast fit for a birthday girl



On my birthday we were too tired from moving (yes, we have finally moved to our “real” apartment, where we can stay up to a year, pictures follow) to eat out or to cook, so we went to an Italian deli and bought ourselves a feast.

Pane di Altamura Cuore di Bue cheese

cheese Elisabeth cheese and bread

(click on the images to enlarge)

That super crusty bread you can see top left is a “pane di altemura”, baked in a wood-burning stove. The tomatoes which we used for the caprese were “cuore di bue” (ox’ heart), the most expensive we ever had, unbelievable, but also the tastiest ever. The mozzarella was of course “di bufala”. The cheeses you can see in various pictures were great. The hard looking one is a “pecorino fiore sarda fresca”, a fresh sheep milk cheese from Sardinia. The little round one is of course a “crottin de chavignol aoc”, a certified-origin french raw goat milk cheese. Not too old, as you can see from the rather mild mold on the outside. The half-round piece is a “rocchetta”, a fresh and soft cheese from raw sheep and cow milk. Last but not least, there was a little piece of “crava occelli”, a 100% mountain-goat milk cheese.

We also had some salumi which I haven’t pictured closer. “Salame friulano”, “salame ventricina” and some “san daniele”. We washed down all of these with a great spanish wine we had bought in a bodega in Ulm: Elisabeth from the Serra de Llaberia Vineyard. In wise foresight we had decanted this great red wine five hours earlier, which helped it open up its still young and very pronounced tannins. It was velvety, spicy and fruity at the same time, in perfect harmony. A great wine to accompany a simple but delicious feast, fit for a birthday girl.


2 Responses

  1. This is totally unfair. You put the pictures of stuff that we (sorry I) can not get. I am so jealous… by the way I didn’t miss the point that they had been already eaten. Maybe a mouse called Hande took a bite.

  2. Emre,
    come here and I’ll treat you to all of it and more… but I just might nibble on them before they arrive at the table…..

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