The “Lamm” Theory

We shall state now a theory which we believe to be true and during the next months will try to prove:

Each and every individual administrative unit (like towns, villages, etc.) in the state of Baden-Württemberg hosts at least one inn or restaurant called “Lamm” (lamb). Names which are longer but do contain the word “Lamm” are valid, as well. This applies, of course, only under the given condition that the town has a restaurant at all…

Please feel free to support us if you live in Baden-Württemberg or are travelling here. Look for an inn or a restaurant named “Lamm”, take a picture of the building with the sign visible and send it to me via email, naming the town. I will post it here, of course with due credit.


2 Responses

  1. There is also Philipp Lahm. Does he have anything to do with this theory?

  2. Emre,
    lahm means lame
    and a lamb is lame
    but the lamm theory is not lame
    and I think philipp lahm is not lame either….
    So maybe we can say that Philipp Lahm and the lamm theory have in common that they are both not lame.
    But this answer might be….

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