A disappointing winefest

We went to a wine festival in Obertürkheim near Stuttgart. We tried 8 wines which were so bad that we decided to get drunk and make fun of the people around us. Wasn’t hard at all…. I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this event so I ‘ll let the following pictures speak for themselves…. Look closely.


who is he?










2 Responses

  1. It is a pity that you didn’t ask him where he got this flashy name tag stuff (I couldn’t even figure out how to name it!!!!) I want something like that too. It would be really cool all the office shouting E – EM – EMR – EMRE when a customer visits me. Are you going to visit that festival again?

    I have decided to write my comments in English; however I am not so sure if Hande would prefer me to continue to do so after reading them. Some of you know that we have an absurd humor style in between.

    I love you Abja and Eriste and good luck with the stairs :)

  2. Emcos,
    we weren’t planning to go again, but now I have to: I can’t wait to see the sign in your office. If I give it to you as a belated birthday present, do you promise to put it up? Maybe we can even find a smaller version of it, like a button for your lapel or a beltbuckle or something…*rotfl*
    PS: You are more than welcome to write your comments in english. Isirik….

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