Tübingen: Weinstube Forelle and the DNA

We have already visited the university town Tübingen twice. It is a cool little town. We loved the sights:



Tübingen from the Castle


the Neckar


boats on the Neckar


the town square

Medicinal wines

sign for “medicinal wines” in the shop window of a pharmacy

But mostly we were impressed with a restaurant (what a surprise, you think).

Weinhaus Forelle

Weinstube Forelle

We were standing in front of it and hesitating to go in, as a couple came along and started going up the steps. We asked them if they knew of the restaurant and their reply made us give it a go: They said that they used to live in Tübingen for 25 years (he was a professor) and it used to be their favorite, however they couldn’t guarantee that it was still good since this was their first visit after 10 years, since they moved to another part of Germany.

Inside it was kind of dark but cozy.

Tübingen, Weinhaus Forelle

murals in Weinstube Forelle

We chose two main courses from the menu which has a focus on local products.

Tübingen Weinhaus Forelle

Hällische Landschwein – loin of pork from a local race

Peppercrusted loin of Hällische Landschwein (regional landrace pig breed, one of the oldest in Germany and endangered) on burgundy sauce with roast dumplings, chanterelles and market vegetables. The pork was very tender and had a great flavor. We are going to eat more of this pig so that it can survive. The vegetables had crunch, which is sometimes difficult to find in German restaurants.

Tübingen, Weinhaus Forelle

Leg of lamb

Our second main course was a leg of lamb from the “Schwäbische Alb” region in rosemary gravy with La Ratte potatoes and green beans. I love lamb, and this local race has also made its way to my heart. We were positively surprised with both dishes and will definitely come back again to try further regional specialties like the alb-snail and the alb-buffalo.

With our meal we drank a bottle of 1998 Rotspon from Jurtschitsch in Kamptal, Austria, which was a very powerful cuvee of Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and Merlot; with wildberry aromas and very well balanced. But the discovery of the evening was the 1999 Baden Kraichgau Rouge barrique from Heitlinger. Finding a German red wine that can get this old and taste so great is a unique event which we enjoyed very much (we had ordered just one glass of it for a taste, I had somehow had an instinct) and could fortunately buy a couple of very reasonably priced bottles in the restaurant.

The restaurant has a very inexpensive lunch special. For dinner, count with 20 to 30 Euros per person. The mains cost between 9 to 18 Euros and are enough to feed the biggest hunger. Extensive wine list with great wines from the region as well as other European denominations.

Weinstube Forelle

Kronenstraße 8

72070 Tübingen

07071 – 2 40 94

Oh, you are asking about the DNA?


the discovery of DNA in the Castle of Tübingen

I guess this is only of interest for my scientist friend E. in the USA!


2 Responses

  1. Ha, lustig, da seid Ihr in meiner alten Heimat gelandet :-) Wir waren bei unseren letzten Aufenthalten auch mehrmals in der Forelle und waren – bis auf Kleinigkeiten – auch sehr zufrieden. Beim letzten Mal saßen wir abends draußen und kamen mit dem Chef ins Plaudern – was damit endete, dass er uns von seinen Spezial-Wässerchen probieren ließ, die nicht auf der Karte stehen. Ein sehr vergnüglicher Abend! Mir gefällt auch, dass er regionale Spezialitäten auf der Karte hat.

  2. Cascabel,
    es sind immer die schönsten Abende, wenn man mit dem Chef ins Gespräch kommt, kann ich bestätigen. Wir fanden auch seine regionale Ausrichtung sehr lobenswert, sowas muss man unterstützen.

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