Our current apartment; and a simple salad


Stuttgart as seen from the Weissenburg Park

Stuttgart is a city of hills and stairs.

I can not believe that of all towns in Germany, we landed in the (seemingly) hilliest one! I lived in Düsseldorf – flat, Munich – flat, have been to Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dresden – all flat, flat, flat. And now Stuttgart! T. is cursing every time he goes running, trying to fill his stint of kilometers for the marathon he is training for, down one hill and up the next, no 10 meters where it is flat.

And me, I have to schlep groceries up endless staircases: the people of Stuttgart don’t believe in nicely sloping streets, nor elevators. About half of the 1 km distance from the tram stop to our current apartment is stairs


stairs – part of our street

the other half steeply sloping streets


our street

and then you finally arrive at the gates and there are more stairs awaiting you:

stairs stairs stairs

the stairs in our garden

And our new, permanent apartment from September on is on the 5th floor. No elevators of course.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of our current apartment:


the terrace

Living room

the living room


the bath


the kitchen

Yes, very stylish and very impractical. Ever tried drinking red wine on a white sofa? The bunch of branches in the bath looks very nice but we would have preferred some storage space. And if you think I am gonna cook anything in that kitchen, you are wrong. Salads and some pastasciutta is the most I am whipping up there – there is only one, I repeat, one, pot in that kitchen!

One of the salads I prepared in this kitchen up to now is a simple salad of mixed greens, some sauteed vegetables and smoked trout.

Salad with smoked trout

salad with smoked trout

With this salad we drank a young local riesling, 2005 Stettener Häder Riesling Gipskeuper from the Weingut Beurer which goes very well with smoked fish because of its acidity, partly due to the selenite-rich soil the vines grow on.

Riesling Beurer

riesling from Beurer

The salad preparation was a real tightrope act, whatwith the small workspace, one pot, no salad bowl etc. in this kitchen. But I guess I am getting the hang of it (after all, my kitchen in Munich is not a lot bigger than this – but definitely better equipped!) and might soon try actually cooking some pasta!


2 Responses

  1. Liebe Hande,
    ich wette trotzdem, dass Dich die kleine Küche nicht vom Kochen abhalten wird ;) Das Appartment sieht jedenfalls sehr schick aus (das “Unpraktische” kann ich noch nicht beurteilen) und die Terasse allein macht mich schon mächtig neidisch!

  2. Nicky,
    ja, die Terrasse ist auch das Beste. Aber zum Glück haben wir ja in 11 Tagen schon unsere “eigentliche” Wohnung und die ist größer, schöner, in der Stadt und auch mit Terrasse: sogar größer und mit Blick über Stuttgart! Aber ihr könnt es ja selber beurteilen, sind nur zwei Stunden von München ;-)

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